The Best & Easiest Travel Drone You Can Get – Breeze 4K by Yuneec

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It’s nearing the end of 2017 and you can see that SO MANY people own a drone.

If you looked back at 2016, drones were new, expensive, and just coming out to be the new electronic and toy sensation. I remember flipping through websites and reviews to try to find one that was traveling friendly (aka fit into my carry-on), not over $1,000 and that had a good reputation. I wanted one to use for fun but more importantly, to document my travels and take really cool pics. That’s what it’s all about, isn’t it? You don’t fly a drone to NOT shoot photos. emergency visa to usa from india

Well – I found what I thought was a really great choice last Cyber Monday back in 2016. Now, after having the drone for 1 year I have practiced with it, used it many times, and fly it in different countries and weathers.

I am more than happy with my choice and am sticking with it being the best, most cost-effective and best carry-on drone there is – with of course an exceptionally good camera.

For those of you who are still looking to buy a drone – let me tell you about the Breeze 4k by Yuneec.

A quick overview:

Cost: under $500 now. (Was originally priced at $499.99 when it came out in 2016)

Brand: Yuneec

Weight: Under 1 lb.

Size: 196 x 196 x 65 mm.

Photography & Video: 4k resolution, 720 HD Live resolution.

Built-in Camera: Yes

Carry-on case: Included

Controller: No – there is no separate controller. There is the Breeze app to download and control the drone from your smartphone.

Wifi & GPS: Yes, built in.

Shooting Modes:  A Total of 5 – Pilot, Selfie, Orbit, Journey, and VisionTrack.

Now let me talk more.

The Weight & Packing

This is such a light drone! It never felt heavy and fit perfectly into my Ebags backpack or Travelpro suitcase. It would not even take up half of the space. Even though I would keep it in its case, I would put my beach towels and clothes under and around it for extra safe keeping. Nothing ever happened to it during my travels.

The propellors fold in so you do not have to take them off.

The Crash

Let me tell you – the first time I flew the drone on my rooftop – I crashed it!

It flew right into the wall behind me, yet nothing broke and it worked fine the entire year after that whew! I had read any reviews prior that it does not break when it is crashed and happily, that was the truth.

As for any new device, read the instructions and watch the videos that Yuneec provides.

I did a lot of that when I first received it in order to make myself comfortable.

Here’s another thing- The Breeze 4k drone can be flown inside.

So, I tested it out in my open living room and got a better feel for it.

Do not try it outside in the wind until you get a good handle on it. It was a windy day when I crashed it so that was my bad.

The Modes

I got to say, I love Pilot Mode the best.

I did not think I would, as I was nervous at first. But having full control of the drone lets me do whatever I want with it.

I can go fast, I can go slow, I can go up, down, left, right you name it.

The other modes are great too although Orbit takes a bit longer to learn.

The best way to learn them is through the videos.

Also, on the Breeze app, you will have default settings for speed and height. They start off very low. Start with that, then you can adjust them as you gain more experience.

The Footage

I loved my photos and videos from the Breeze 4k drone!

They come out so good and clear. You can download them directly to your smartphone from the app.

They also are stored within the Breeze app.

Simple, lovely, and my smartphone automatically created its own “Breeze Cam” photo album.

It makes it so much easier to not have to attach a GoPro or a camera to the drone.

My Comments

First off, I love that I found a drone that has everything I need in it and it costs under $500.

The fact that it weighs so little and it can fit into my backpack to come with me to the beach or wherever I go is what I needed.

Not breaking after a crash- extra brownie points that my $500 did not go down the drain.

Not having a separate controller is the best – I do not need extra pieces to pack. The app is easy, quick, and more fun.

I will continue to fly my drone everywhere I can – remember to register it and check the country and state laws of where drones are and are not permitted!

Extra Commentary:

I see so many people raving about the DJI drones and other brands that cost an arm and a leg ($1000-3000 is what I really mean). I am aware the DJI brand is very well known and reputable and famous. I totally back them up, however – I also hear many of those people that have purchased the DJI drones have returned it because it was too nerve-racking to learn and too much of a risk to crash such an expensive item.

It is a fact that it is a more complicated drone. These are meant for those with experience and unless you can lose a couple of thousand dollars, get a cheaper one to practice with first.

I never tried the DJI but I would once I believe I am an expert flying. That would be most likely my second of the third drone down the line and if I went into more professional drone footage for high paying brands, but not to start out with.

Therefore, if you are a first-time drone flyer like myself, and want something a lot smaller too, try the Breeze 4k 🙂

Amazon has them on sale now for almost half of the price!

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