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Lane Shift Closes Eastbound Marsh Exit Nov. 23

Another inward lane shift will occur this Sunday evening along eastbound I-635 between Webb Chapel and Joe Ratcliff bridge. This will shift traffic slightly north onto new overhanging center lanes ( as described in our previous blog post Inward Lane Shifts in the Horizon), making room for crews to construct the permanent exit ramp to Marsh Lane.

The shift will begin Sunday, Nov. 23 at 5:00 p.m., reducing eastbound traffic between Webb Chapel and Marsh to one lane. Work should be complete by 6 a.m. on Monday, Nov. 24.

Because a new ramp is in the works, the current Marsh exit will need to be closed until April 2015. Drivers headed for Marsh will need to take the eastbound exit to Josey, and travel the bypass ramps over Josey and Webb Chapel to the frontage road leading to Marsh.

Signs such as the one above will be placed along eastbound IH-635 as well as connector ramps from IH-35E, to provide advanced notice for drivers. Motorists are advised to plan their commutes accordingly and follow the posted signs.

Advanced notice will be provided to motorists along eastbound IH-635, as well as connector ramps from IH-35E. Drivers are advised to plan their commutes accordingly and follow the posted signs.

Signs will be placed in several locations notifying traffic of this alternate route to Marsh Lane throughout the duration of the ramp closure.

For any assistance in planning commutes in advance, feel free to contact us at or call the LBJ Express Hotline at (214) 960-5711.

Inward Lane Shifts in the Horizon

Since the summer, beam settings and deck operations have actively taken up construction schedules along the project to establish the overhang portions of the general purpose lanes (GPLs).

As new sections of the GPLs are gradually built, a series of lane shifts will occur  from this month until next spring to move traffic to the completed overhanging  portions of the highway bridges. Moving traffic inward onto these overhang sections will make room for crews to work on the outer portions of the GPLs, enabling construction on walls, traffic rails, ramps and other items depending on the location.

To get a better idea of these upcoming inward lane shifts, refer to the cross section of IH-635 below.

LBJ Express Cross Section of IH-635


LBJ Express Cantilever Sections

Above: A cross section of the future LBJ Express project, with TEXpress Lanes in the depressed section, and the free general purpose lanes overhanging above either sides of the TEXpress Lanes. These overhang portions are called cantilever structures. These cantilever sections are what are currently being built in many areas of the project. Once built, traffic will be moved inward in sections, so that crews may construct the outer portions of the highway.

The circled areas in the cross section show these overhanging “cantilever” sections of the GPLs, which are essentially the parts of the highway bridges being established over the months. The first lane shift to move traffic inward will occur this Saturday evening, Nov. 8, moving traffic on the westbound general purpose lanes from just east of Midway Rd. to just west of Rosser Rd. Associated closures include various lanes on the westbound lanes with at least one lane remaining open at all times.

Other Sections to be shifted inward by Spring 2015 include:

  • Eastbound main lanes between Josey Lane and just east of Webb Chapel Rd. (tentative, Dec. 2014)
  • Eastbound main lanes from Rosser Rd. to just east of Midway Rd.
  • Eastbound and westbound main lanes between Midway Rd. and DNT
  • Westbound main lanes between Preston Rd. and the DNT (tentative, Jan. 2015)
  • Eastbound main lanes between DNT and Preston (tentative, Feb. 2015)
  • Westbound main lanes between Josey Lane and Rosser Rd.

 Lanes Taking Shape

Below are just a few pictures taken within the last two months of these overhang portions being built. By spring 2015, traffic between Webb Chapel all the way to Preston Rd. will all  have been shifted inward to construct the outer sections.




West of Welch Rd.



West of Welch Rd.


West of Webb Chapel

From below, west of Webb Chapel



From below, near Marsh.



From below, near Midway Rd.


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