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A Closer Look at the Preston Bypass

While the majority of the new bypass ramps along the project are currently open and available for public use, there are still a couple that are still under construction.

The Preston bypass is one out of the two bypass lanes that are still under construction along the project (the other one is the westbound Midway bypass).

What’s unique about the future bypass at Preston compared to the others along the corridor is that it will actually go underneath the Preston bridge instead of over the intersection like the rest of the bypasses along LBJ Express.

The entrance to the Preston bypass will be found on the westbound entrance ramp between Hillcrest and Preston – that’s right, on the entrance ramp itself!

Currently, there is a left lane along the westbound frontage road between Hillcrest and Preston that is partially barreled off because in the future, this will turn into an extra lane along the frontage.

This extra lane, when added, will enable traffic to merge onto the entrance ramp to westbound IH-635 when the entrance ramp is fully constructed.  The lanes on the entrance ramp will split,  providing the opportunity to either bypass the Preston intersection (Preston bypass lane) OR continue towards the general main lanes. This is also the reason why the Hillcrest on-ramp only has one lane right now, but will have two when construction is complete.

Below are some digital renderings depicting this configuration:


View from just east of Preston Road where the entrance ramp from Hillcrest Road splits. Click to view larger.


View from just west of Preston Road, showing the Preston bypass going underneath the intersection. Notice that the entrance ramp from Preston will be above the Preston bypass as well. Click to view larger.


Ramps Under Construction

Currently, this area is full of progress and activity. Here are some photos of the action taken mid-April.

Preston On-Ramp

An aerial showing the Preston entrance ramp under construction.

Preston bypass location

Up close at the location of the future Preston bypass where it intersects with the entrance ramp from Preston.

In total, there will eventually be eight bypasses along LBJ Express when construction is complete:

  • Eastbound and westbound bypasses at Park Central (open)
  • Eastbound and westbound bypasses at Webb Chapel (open)
  • Eastbound and westbound bypasses at Josey (open)
  • Westbound bypass at Midway (under construction until end of May/early June)
  • Westbound bypass at Preston (under construction until full project opening)

Bypass lanes are just one of the few examples of how the LBJ Express project will improve mobility along the corridor, providing drivers the option to bypass intersections along the frontage roads.

The remaining bypasses will open along with the rest of the corridor later this year when we reach our biggest milestone yet – opening the LBJ Express project as a whole.

Have a question for us regarding the project? We’d love to hear from you. Email us at

Final Paving Along Eastbound IH-635, Weekend of May 1st

Two sections of eastbound IH-635 will be paved their final layer of asphalt this weekend, weather permitting.

One section will be along the eastbound lanes at the Dallas North Tollway beginning Friday evening, and another section will be along the eastbound lanes at Preston Road beginning Sunday morning. Both will have different sets of closures associated.

This weekend’s work is part of several full weekend freeway closures in the next few weeks scheduled to place final pavement on the newly constructed main lanes. Detours will be in place and will cause delays for these required operations, so we encourage drivers to make careful decisions about commutes.

For any help with planning commutes or clarification on any of the detour routes listed below, please contact or call the LBJ Hotline at (214) 960-5711


*Will begin paving operations along the eastbound lanes at the DNT


Click to Enlarge

When: Starts Friday, May 1st at 9 p.m. until 2 a.m. Sunday, May 3.

Associated Closures:

  • All lanes closed eastbound IH-635 between the Inwood exit and east of Dallas Parkway
  • Eastbound Midway on-ramp closed
  • Southbound Inwood Rd. closed at the westbound frontage road (southbound Inwood traffic may still turn right along the westbound frontage road, but may not continue towards Harvest Hill)
  • Northbound Dallas Parkway closed just north of Harvest Hill
  • Drexelwood Dr. closed at the eastbound frontage road
  • Northbound DNT exit to the Galleria   closed (may use Harvest Hill exit to detour to the Galleria using Harvest Hill, Noel, the eastbound frontage and Montfort)
  • Northbound DNT exit to eastbound IH-635 closed
  • Loop ramp from southbound DNT to eastbound IH-635 closed
  • Loop ramp from eastbound IH-635 to northbound DNT closed
  • Exit ramp from eastbound IH-635 to southbound DNT closed

Detour: All eastbound IH-635 traffic will be detoured to the frontage and will re-enter the eastbound main lanes using the on-ramp after Inwood/Dallas Parkway.

*After paving is complete along eastbound IH-635 at DNT, ramp and main lane closures will be restored and crews will begin paving eastbound IH-635 at Preston Rd with a different set of closures.



Click to Enlarge



When: Starts Sunday, May 3 at 2 a.m. (or immediately after EB at DNT paving) and ends Monday, May 4 at 6 a.m.

Associated Closures:

  • All lanes closed eastbound IH-635 between Preston exit to the Preston on-ramp
  • Northbound and southbound Preston Rd. closed at IH-635. (northbound and southbound Preston traffic may still turn into the frontage roads
  • Eastbound Hillcrest Exit will be closed.

Detour: All eastbound IH-635 traffic will exit to the frontage road, and will re-enter the eastbound main lanes using the on-ramp between Preston and Hillcrest Rd.



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