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Rosser Bridge Delayed in Opening

Rosser Road Bridge Reconstructed
Rosser Road Bridge Reconstructed

Rosser Road Bridge Reconstructed

Many residents have been following the progression of the Rosser Road bridge as it has been reconstructed over the past few months.  Anyone that has driven by lately will see that it is nearly completed.  It is striped, has railing, sidewalks and was scheduled to reopen in May.

Here is what many do not know:

There is an existing 20 inch high pressure transmission gas line that is approximately 20 feet deep about 800 feet west of Marsh Lane that runs underneath LBJ.  Due to construction of the LBJ managed lanes that are below grade the existing gas line is in conflict.  Trinity Infrastructure and Atmos Energy have looked at over 12 different design alternatives.  It was decided by Atmos Energy that an angled bore is the technically preferred design alternative and Trinity Infrastructure supported this finding.

“We want to thank you for your patience during this Rosser Road Bridge project,” Atmos Energy Public Affairs Manager Susan Harris said.  “We apologize for any inconvenience the bridge closure may cause residents, but please understand that we are working diligently to complete our portion of LBJ Expressway Project.”

How will this work be done:

A new line will be installed just slightly west of Marsh Lane, cross over Marsh Lane and then angle below LBJ approximately 3200 feet to the southwest corner of Rosser Road.

What that means:

There will be an angled bore rig that has a footprint of 94 feet long that will sit just south of the Rosser Road bridge (pictured below).  Due to the size of the rig it blocks access to the bridge and therefore we are not able to open the bridge to traffic until the gas line work is completed.

Footprint of the Angled Bore Rig

Angled Bore Rig

Angled Bore Rig

Updated Anticipated Timeline:

  • Prep work will begin the week of May 7th
  • Bore Rig will be placed the week of May 14th
  • Duration of 3 months
  • Rosser Road bridge will open after completion

“LBJ was built in 1969 and with no significant upgrades since then, and is now the 2nd most congested highway in the State of Texas,” Public Relations Manager for Trinity Infrastructure Heather Newsom said.

“Reconstruction is both needed and over-due but unpleasant to all.  However we are confident; once the road is completed it will provide a better experience for drivers, businesses and residents alike.   Building one of the largest road projects in the world in this highly congested corridor that is surrounded by tremendous amounts of businesses and residents creates unique challenges. Please know that we are working diligently to ensure that we perform this work as quickly and efficiently as possible. “

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