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LBJ Express Construction Segments

Many of you have asked the LBJ Express Team where we are working and where we will be ending construction.  Anyone that has driven the corridor would most likely respond by saying “Everywhere!”

Here is what many do not know:

The LBJ Express construction team is divided up into 3 separate construction segments; each segment focuses on their geographical area of concern to include utility relocation, drainage and construction of the frontage, main and toll lanes.

Segment 1:

  • I-35E (Loop 12/Walton Walker to Valwood Pkwy)
  • I-635 (Luna Road to Josey Lane)

Segment 2:

  • I-635 (Josey Lane to Welch Road)

Segment 3:

  • I-635 (Welch Road to Montfort Drive)
  • I-635 (Montfort Drive to Greenville Avenue)

How does this work?

The LBJ Express construction project is different than most construction projects Texans are used to seeing! Instead of beginning at one end of the construction project, completing that area and moving on to the next area, construction and design occurs in all 3 construction segments at the same time.

What that means:

Because the LBJ Express can work on all areas of the corridor at one time, the timeline of the construction process is much faster.  Here are some of the work activities currently occurring in each segment of the corridor:

Segment 1 – Overhead Beams

Seg 1 Beams Walnut Hill

Did you know that the LBJ Express included some portions of I-35E?  While we are not reconstructing the main lanes of I-35E, you have probably seen us working on the right-hand side of the highway building columns 20-30 feet in the air!  These columns will provide the bases for the new managed toll-lanes along the outside of I-35E.

You also may have noticed that we have been setting beams for the new lanes along portions of I-35E. The LBJ Express team just recently set beams along northbound I-35E just south of Walnut Hill Lane last month!

Segment 2 – Frontage Roads

Now that much of the utility work has completed in Segment 2,  frontage road work has started! The first step of building the frontage road is to install the drainage box culverts  underneath the surface of the future roadway.

Box Culverts to be Installed Underneath the Frontage Road

Box Culverts to be Installed Underneath the Frontage Road

Once these new drainage boxes are completely installed, the new pavement will be poured and the frontage lanes will begin to take shape!

Segment 3 – Intersection Work at Park Central

Have you wondered why Park Central Drive and the White Rock Creek Trail have been closed intermittently the past few months?

Overhead Beams at Park Central

Safety along the LBJ Express is the number one concern of all our team members. When we demolish, hang beams, or do any work directly over the top of an intersection, those lanes underneath must be closed down for the safety of the travelling public below.

Currently at Park Central Drive, the overpass lanes are being widened. As these new lanes are constructed, the underpass and White Rock Creek Trail must be periodically closed.  Overpass beams have been placed, and we are currently setting the decking on the newly placed beams on most nights and weekends along the corridor.

Stay tuned to the blog for more updates and insight into the construction process of the LBJ Express project!

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