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What’s Next for Preston Road Bridge?

Demolition of Columns

Many of you may have already noticed that last week Preston Road crossing over LBJ Freeway was reduced down from 4 lanes in each direction with U-turns to 3 lanes in each direction.  In addition, the western half of the bridge was demolished over the weekend!

Preston Road Bridge Partial Demolition

Did you know?

Preston Road is actually considered a state highway (SH 289) and it has 60,000 cars traveling on it each day. That is more than most Texas Farm to Market roads, and the intersection at LBJ Freeway handles the highest traffic volume than any other intersection on the LBJ Express Project corridor!

What does that mean?

Steel Beam Demolition

Most bridges along the LBJ Express Project are built with concrete beams. However; because of the high amount of traffic volumes Preston Road receives on a daily basis, the bridge is built with steel beams.

Last weekend, powerful equipment was necessary to demolish the western half of the Preston Road bridge because of the heavy-duty beams which spanned north and south.

Demolition of  Caps & Columns

What’s next? 

For the next 6 months, the western half of the bridge will be completely reconstructed!   CLICK HERE to find out more on bridge construction.

After the western half of the bridge is built, the traffic on the eastern half of the bridge will be shifted over to allow for the  eastern half to be demolished and reconstructed.

What can you expect after Preston is reconstructed?

The Preston Road bridge will open back up with 4 lanes in each direction and U-turns. The new bridge will also have some unique characteristics with aesthetic charm which will set it apart from all the other bridges along the corridor!

Final Configuration of Preston Rd. Bridge

LBJ Express Conceptual Plan

Stay tuned for more insights and updates on the LBJ Express!

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