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Preston Road Bridge… What to Expect During Reconstruction!

Preston Traffic Representation

Current Preston Road Bridge Traffic Configuration

Many of you may have driven the Preston Road bridge crossing over LBJ Freeway recently and noticed that traffic has been reduced down from 4 lanes in both the northbound & southbound directions with u-turns down to 3 lanes in each direction without u-turns. As one of the busiest intersections in Dallas, it’s important to know the current configuration of the bridge.

What you may not know:

Driving over the Preston Road bridge can be easier than you think….if you “know before you go”!

What you can do:

Before you leave your home or office, take a look at the current traffic configuration for the bridge and familiarize yourself with the designated signage!


Before reaching the bridge, the northbound 2 left lanes lanes of traffic must go straight  and the right lane can go straight or turn right on the eastbound frontage road .  Once you are on the bridge, the left lane must turn left  while the right lanes must go straight .


The southbound lanes of Preston have 4 lanes before reaching the westbound frontage road. The right lane must turn right  and the 3 left lanes must go straight Once on the bridge  the two right lanes can continue to travel straight   and the left lane must turn left .

The LBJ Express Team acknowledges that construction is not easy. However, if you stay informed about the project and the areas you need to travel, construction becomes a lot easier!

Stay tuned for more insights and updates on the LBJ Express blog!

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