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Recent SMS Text Messages and Using Our SMS Text System

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Recently, we had two text messages that went out that were meant for internal use only. We are sincerely sorry about that.  We want to ensure you of two things:

  1. The issue has been fixed as of today and you will only receive LBJ Express related texts, and
  2. our system that we use Celly is 100% safe and 100% secure.

In fact, we don’t actually know your cell number. The system is set up such that we don’t actually need to know your cell number.  Celly’s FAQs can be seen here.

Other options do exist to allow you to receive these notifications as emails rather than texts.

Click here to sign up for the LBJ Express SMS Alert Cell and set up how you want to receive notifications!

To learn the commands to end, mute or change settings on the text messages you receive from us please click here.

Please feel free to text or email me back if you have any further concerns.

Andy Rittler

Corporate Affairs Director

LBJ Express Project

Cell (469) 759-0238

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