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Fuel Spill 635 WB – Your Safety is our #1 Concern!

At approximately 2:00 am this morning a tanker truck carrying diesel fuel traveling WB in the Marsh had a valve come loose and the tanker spilled much of its load of diesel onto the highway for approximately a mile and a half.

In a coordinated response with Dallas Fire and Rescue, Dallas PD and our HazMat response unit we quickly shut down all freeway access in the WB direction from Marsh to Josey.

This particular spill was very problematic due to the length and the amount of fuel. The closure required allowed us to perform the following:

  • Ensure safe travel surfaces now and in future wet road conditions
  • Ensure proper environmental mitigation of the area
  • Provide necessary re-striping of pavement that was removed during the mitigation process.

While we understand this was a huge inconvenience for many, we must ensure that we perform all proper mitigation procedures for the safety of both the traveling public and the environment.  It takes time to ensure all of these measures are properly performed.

Once we completed the necessary operations the highway was opened at approximately 10:15 am this morning.

If you missed our e-alerts, text messages and social media posts, here is how to get to those so you can “know B4 U go”:

As always, thank you for your patience as we continue to work quickly to deliver a brand new, state-of-the-art highway for the benefit of all North Texans.

REMINDER!: TONIGHT: Eastbound LBJ reduced to 1 lane from Webb Chapel to Rosser & Marsh bridge closed until 12pm/Noon tomorrow for beam setting. Traffic shift next week: CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS!


The LBJ Express Project Team

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