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Beat the Traffic Overview and Instructions

Using our Beat the Traffic planning tool is really simple and will provide real-time traffic conditions along the 17-mile LBJ Express corridor from Interstate 35E in from Loop 12 to Valwood Parkway and 635 from Luna Road to Greenville Ave.

The LBJ Express project team is providing the Beat the Traffic planning tool to all LBJ facility users, free of charge, so that you can plan a safe and reliable trip along the corridor.

You can access this tool on our Lane Closures page by clicking here.

Beat the Traffic Screen on Lane Closures Page


The map on the home page (or under the header of “Map” in the blue menu bar) provides an overview of the project corridor.  Green, orange and red lines along major thoroughfares indicate the current speed of traffic in those areas.

Lane and ramp closures, or other construction-related activities, are signified on the map by warning sign and traffic cone icons.  To get more information about each, click on the icon and a window will pop up with more detailed information, including the description and location of the activity/closure.


If you are interested in travel times along specific segments of the LBJ Express corridor, click on “Travel Times” in the blue menu bar.  A new page will open that details the travel times and current rates of speed along specific segments of the highway.  If you click on a specific highway segment in the chart, a close-up of the map and highway speeds along the segment will appear.  Moving your cursor over the route will highlight current highway speeds.


If you are interested in specific incidents throughout the corridor and elsewhere in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, click on “Incidents” in the blue menu bar.  Lane closures, construction activities and traffic delays due to accidents will appear, sorted by the highway/roadway.  For full information about the specific incident, click on the “+” sign next to the brief description.  You can use the “Find” function on your Internet tool bar to search for specific highways or roads.


The “My Traffic” feature is one of the most powerful resources you have at your fingertips.  In a matter of minutes, you can establish customized traffic alerts along the routes that you take on a regular basis.  By personalizing your alerts, you receive up-to-the-minute warnings of traffic delays, as well as alerts on the travel time for a specific route at a specific time.  This is especially helpful if you would like to receive a daily alert before you leave for work in the morning specifying how long it will take to travel your pre-selected route.  This feature is provided free of charge to our LBJ website visitors and facility users.

Creating Your “My Traffic” Customized Traffic Alerts

Please follow the step-by-step instructions below to create customized alerts for your personal travel alerts.

Establishing your Beat the Traffic account

To begin, click on “My Traffic” in the Beat the Traffic blue menu bar (far right).

You will need to establish your free membership account, which will allow you to add, delete and modify your personal alerts.

First, click on “Sign Up Now” on the Login to My Traffic page.  You will be asked to provide:

  •             Name
  •             Email address (enter and re-confirm)
  •             Password (enter and re-confirm; must be at least 4 characters in length)
  •             Hint-Phrase (select a question and provide answer for access to your login information if you forget or lose your password)

Click on the box certifying that “I have read and agree to these terms of service.”

Click on “Get Instant Access” and you are ready to go!  A “Welcome!” box will appear.  Click on the word “Next” to log into your account and create all of your personal alerts.

Creating your customized routes to track

Log in to your account, using your login email and password.  This will direct you to the “Create a Route” page, where you will identify your routes as follows:

Region:  Defaults to Dallas

Route Description:  Select a name or phrase for the route for which you want updated alerts

For example:  I-35 to Hillcrest

Select a “Start At” point from the drop-down menu

For example: I-635Select a “Direction” from the drop-down menu

For example:  EB (for Eastbound)

Select the “Intersection” from the drop-down menu

For example:  Hillcrest

Select the “Continue To” point from the drop-down menu

For example:  Central Expressway 75

Select the “Direction” from the drop-down menu

For example:  EB (for Eastbound)

Select the “Intersection” from the drop-down menu

For example:  Central Expressway/635

If you would like to add an additional segment, click on the “Add Waypoint” box.

Click on “Preview Route” to see your selected route.

Click on “Save Route” to save the route.

Repeat the process for as many routes as you would like.

Once you click on “Save Route,” a “Routes” page will pop up with the list of your current, personalized routes.  The chart will show the distance of your specified route, current trip time, ideal trip time and average speed along the route.  If you move your cursor over the route on the map below, it will show current speeds at various points along the route.

At any point you can create a new route by clicking on “Create a new route.”  You can also delete routes by clicking the box to the left of the route and clicking on “Delete Selected.”

Selecting how you receive information on your customized routes

Beat the Traffic allows you three different options of how to receive alerts about your customized routes:  Email, Cell Phone and Pager.

From the “Routes” page, select “Add your mobile device”.  A “Devices” page will pop up.

Fill in a name/description of your device (e.g., cell phone, BlackBerry, work pager, etc.).

Select “Device Type” from the drop-down menu:

  • If you select “Email,” you will be prompted to enter your email address where you would like to receive alerts
  • If you select “Cell Phone,” you will be prompted to select your wireless provider, enter your cell phone number and identify the maximum message length you would like to receive (the default is 160 characters)
  • If you select “Pager,” you will be prompted to select your provider, enter your pager number and identify the maximum message length you would like to receive (the default is 160 characters)

When finished, select “Save.”

Defining when you receive your alerts

On the “Alerts” page, you are able to select your route(s) from a drop-down menu, select which device you would like to utilize to receive your alert, set the day(s) and time range(s) you would like to receive alerts and select the type of alerts you receive (All incidents, severe incidents only, no incidents).

Adding Trip Time alerts

Another essential and helpful feature of Beat the Traffic is the ability to create Trip Time alerts.  These are alerts sent to you daily at a specified time (e.g., before you leave for work in the morning), that provide you will the current, real-time travel time along one or more of your personalized routes.

To add a Trip Time alert, click on “Trip Time Alert” on the blue menu bar.  Click on “Create a new trip time alert,” select your specific route from the drop-down menu and the day(s) and time(s) you would like to receive the alert.  Click on “Save” when you are finished.

Other features (along the blue menu bar)

Routes:  allows you to add, delete or modify customized routes

Cameras:  (in progress) provides you with video of traffic along your routes

Alerts: allows you to add, delete or modify customized alerts

Trip Time Alerts:  allows you to add, delete or modify trip time alerts

Devices:  allows you to add, modify or delete your devices on which you receive alerts

Options:  allows you to configure general preferences for your account, including changing your password

Logout: logs you out of the Beat the Traffic system

Again, thank you for accessing and utilizing the LBJ Express project’s Beat the Traffic system.  We hope that you will find this both tool easy-to-use and essential to your daily and weekly trip planning.

We welcome your feedback and your questions at 877-LBJ-EXPY (214-960-5711) or

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  1. Interesting timing on your blog entry, since the MY TRAFFIC link has either been down or has been telling users that their trial periods are expired and asking for a $19.95 annual payment for the past 36 hours ;-(

    November 29, 2012
    • Did you sign up on our website @ If not, then you will need to go to our website and sign up for this service through our site ONLY.

      November 29, 2012
  2. Hi Andy, It’s been happening with my account since Tuesday and a second account that I created this week (both through the LBJEXPRESS Lane Closure page). Right now the site won’t even let you sign-up as it states “page not found” after completing the registration form.

    November 29, 2012
    • I would delete both accounts and sign up just through ours.

      December 3, 2012

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