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Segment 2 Traffic Shift

A traffic shift is scheduled to occur in Segment 2 next week!

Currently, LBJ Freeway has 4 eastbound and westbound main lanes of traffic between Webb Chapel Road and Midway Road located in the center of the northern and southern limits of the LBJ Express project.


Next week, the LBJ Express Team will work to shift the traffic south of the center LBJ Freeway line. First, the eastbound main lanes of LBJ Freeway will be moved to the south.


When the work  has completed, both eastbound and westbound LBJ Freeway will be shifted south of the center line. 4 main lanes of traffic will remain open in each direction, but the shift will allow space for the permanent reconstruction of the westbound LBJ Freeway General Purpose Lanes (main lanes) between Joe Ratcliff Walkway and Rosser Road.


Please note: In association with the traffic shift, various eastbound and westbound LBJ Freeway lane closures will occur NIGHTLY from November 5th to November 10th between Webb Chapel Road and Midway Road

Stay tuned for more insights and updates on the LBJ Express Project!

Long-Term Segment 2 Changes

Beginning Friday, October 5th at 10 p.m., the westbound LBJ frontage road will open between the Marsh Lane entrance ramp and Webb Chapel Road. At this time, the westbound exit ramp to Webb Chapel Road will be combined with Marsh Lane. Traffic will utilize the Marsh Lane exit ramp to access Webb Chapel Road.

Please note: This is a long-term, temporary closure to last for approximately 2 years in order to construct the main lanes of the LBJ Express.


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