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What Do All of These Have in Common?..

Electricity, telecommunications, natural gas, water & waste water.. Utility Relocation Along the LBJ Express Project!

Did you know?

In order to begin any roadwork construction along the LBJ Express project, utility lines must first be relocated outside of the roadwork construction areas. With cooperation from the Texas Department of Transportation,  the City of Dallas, the Town of Farmers Branch, and the numerous utility companies along the corridor, this is a highly extensive and complicated portion of the entire construction process. 

Telecommunication Conduit Installation

What that means:

The area between the curb of the frontage road and the edge of the state’s right of way is often referred to as the ‘utility corridor’. In this area, public and private utility companies are allowed to install their facilities that serve the surrounding areas. The LBJ Express project, with a depressed managed lanes section and a slightly larger footprint than the existing roadway, must relocate more than 500,000 linear feet of utilities into the new ‘utility corridor’ being construction along the project.

Waste Water Manhole Installation

How does this work?

  1. Determine Utility Conflict – LBJ Express closely examines the existing utility in the project area. This includes studying plans from the utility owner, reviewing drawings, and physically exposing lines to determine the exact location of the line. Over 700 ‘test holes’ have been performed that expose an existing utility so that survey information can be taken to determine if the line is in conflict with construction.
  2. Telecommunication Manhole Installation

    Coordinate With Utility Owner– There are 17 separate public and private utility owners along the project. Agreements are made with each owner for LBJ Express to install their new lines, often updating and improving their facilities.

  3. Construct New Facility– Entirely new pipe, conduit, or power poles have been installed along and across the vast

    Telecommunication Installation to Manhole

    majority of the project area.

  4. Turn Line Over to New Utility Facility – Once the new line is complete, LBJ Express works with the utility owner to move their service to the new facility and eliminate the old line.

After that, we’re done.. Just kidding! Here comes another one!

Completed Telecommunication Manhole

Often in very narrow areas, the utilities must be installed in a specific order according to depth. This often gives the appearance that the same trench is dug over and over again, however, each trench dug is for a different utility! After the deepest utility facility is installed and covered, the same 4 steps must be taken for the next utility to be relocated until all of the utilities are completely relocated out of the roadway construction area.

Stay tuned for more insight into the construction process of the LBJ Express!


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