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LBJ Express Project Reaches major Milestone with Opening of New Main Lanes


If you have driven during the daytime on  LBJ since the paving operations last weekend you might have noticed a big difference… smoother drive?  traffic is moving?

Now in its 5th and final year of construction, the LBJ Express highway reconstruction project recently reached a major milestone with the opening of all four, new general-purpose main lanes on eastbound and westbound I-635 between I-35E and US 75 (Central Expressway).

In June 2013, we opted to reduce the traffic flow in the construction zone from four main lanes to three in each direction to allow the project team to fast-track the completion of continuous frontage roads and bypass lanes, which were originally slated to open with the completion of the project but opened instead in November 2013.

This decision had significant implications for the driving public in terms of both safety and mobility.  By completing the frontage roads and bypass lanes two years earlier than originally planned, we were able to improve incident responses in the corridor as well as enhance access and traffic flow for adjacent businesses and the driving public.

As the massive $2.7 billion LBJ Express project moves towards completion later this year, the recent re-opening of the fourth main lane eastbound and westbound has helped improve movement through the length of the corridor.  With summer vacations in full swing, the timing couldn’t be better for opening these lanes.

In the final phases of construction, it will be necessary to implement several series of overnight and weekend closures to lay final pavement along the frontage roads, install overhead signs and prepare the highway corridor for full operations. Drivers are encouraged to check the website, for updated information on upcoming lane closures and detours.

I know it’s hard to believe but we are nearing completion!!

LBJ Express with 3 lane configuration on July 6th.
LBJ Express on July 6th at 5 p.m. with 3 eastbound lanes 
LBJ Express with restored capacity of 4 lanes plus shoulders on July 13th.
LBJ Express on July 13th at 5 p.m.  with restored capacity of 4 lanes eastbound and westbound, plus shoulders

Bruce Bradford speaks about the LBJ Express Project

Bruce Bradford, President of the North Dallas Chamber of Commerce, speaks about the LBJ Express Project


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