About me


I’m Leah Keith, the owner of this blog and the author of the posts you have stumbled upon. It’s nice to meet you!

So you’re now ready to start setting your goals and plans for the next phase of your life as a solo-traveler (and I have been called that before, so don’t worry). So what are your goals? What do you love to do? What is it that makes you tick? It’s about time that you asked those questions to yourself, because now you know where you want to be and why you want to be there.

So how can you get to that point? I like to think of my nomadic lifestyle as sort of like an extended metaphor that helps me to envision the life that I want.

My nomad lifestyle is actually more of a lifestyle than a set of goals. Goals are nice to have along the way, but like I said before, they just sort of blend in and help you picture out your actual journey.

Nomad means “no fixed address,” and that is what I am to achieve. I am not on a quest, I am not looking for something that I cannot get to no matter how hard I try to get there. It’s much more satisfying when I am traveling on my own journey, and I love to think that I am taking part in this wonderful experience.

If you want to become a full-time traveler or just practice that in your spare time, this blog is all about the tips for you to try! Read on and pack your bags for this next, big adventure!