How Long Does Your Passport Have To Be Valid To Travel To Canada


How Long Does Your Passport Have To Be Valid To Travel To Canada

Just what is a Canada ETA? How long does your passport have to be valid to travel to Canada? An ETA is an electronic travel authorization for visa-exempt taxpayers arriving in Canada from overseas via air.

Beginning on March 15, all visa-exemption foreign nationals (from nations that have diplomatic relations with Canada) who fly or transit Canada will now have to apply for an ETA before traveling. The reason a traveler requires an ETA is that many airlines don’t allow travelers to travel with no one.

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There are small airlines in the world to accommodate all the people who are looking to go to Canada. If you’re planning to go to Canada, then you need to immediately apply for an ETA so you won’t be asked to apply for a visa ahead of time.

It’s important to remember that ETS isn’t valid for company travel. Business travelers can make an application for an ETS for their stay in Canada. Additionally, there are a lot of other limitations that apply when traveling with an ETS.

The important ones include: Canadian residents, permanent residents and visitors over age 16 will not be permitted to use for an ETS. Additionally, it is essential to note that you’ll need to prove to the officials that you’re indeed visiting Canada. In addition to providing them with proof, your ETS won’t cause any trouble when traveling to Canada.

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Another limitation that applies to ETS is they can’t be obtained for global travels. Additionally, it is essential to note that in the event you’ve been denied an ETS before, you can’t apply for an ETS this time.

Lots of men and women that are denied an ETS before needing to apply for a visa. It’s therefore essential to carefully read the advice given to you when you’re using for an ETS to make sure you will receive the sort of service you require.


It’s essential not to forget that there isn’t any restriction that says that you can’t travel as soon as you get your ETS approved. However, it’s recommended that you be sure you receive your visa in advance as one mistake can wind up costing you plenty of money.

So it’s ideal for getting an application in place before you depart. An ETS can cost about $100, so it’s necessary to have one in place before you travel to make sure you won’t have to pay for it beforehand.

And wind up being not able to get in the country. If you don’t have your ETS set up before you go to Canada, then you might realize you will need to cover to get back in if you’re refused.

E-visa facts

Please remember that in case that you want to travel do Canada you will need an E-visa that lets you enter the nation. To locate the eTA, you want to fill out the application form which you may discover online.

The eTA is valid for five decades and you have the ability to enter many events. Every time It is very likely to maintain Canada about six months.

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The eTA amount will be automatically assign to your passport Number, so you need to show on the boundary is your valid passport.

Very important is also the Truth, your passport must be valid for your entire stay. The processing time of your app takes up o 72 Hours, but it has accepted the same day.

Thus all you’ll have to Do is to apply online and your travel may start!